Our Values



Quality of work is out top priority. Our tailors are very skilful professionals with years of experience. Many of them come from refugee background. They arrived in the UK from countries with strong tradition of sewing, embroidery and complex garment making. Unfortunately, they don't find it easy to find appropriate work as they don’t have good knowledge of English, so they end up in unsecure, low-skilled jobs. We support our tailors with interpretation, integration and customer service so that they can make the most of their talent and benefit the local community. 



We are proud to be part of Summertown community. Having lived in Oxford for over 20 years, we have been involved with small businesses and charities in East Oxford before opening in Summertown. We personally serve our customers and take time to get to know their needs. Being a high-street location, we love to be involved in connecting people. We offer to be a drop-off point for local charity collections. As a family business we were involved in providing raffle prizes for school fairs and community street parties. Our aim is to work with local schools, and do talks and workshops for school students telling them about sewing, clothes care and the impact of fast fashion.



We work hard to extend longevity of clothes, furniture and accessories and reduce the impact of fast fashion. Our philosophy is that favourite items can be altered or repaired, and enjoyed for much longer before buying new ones. All our work is done on site, and, as much as possible, deliveries and drop-offs are done by bicycle. To reduce the impact of dry cleaning process, we partner with OxWash for our wet cleaning service. OxWash is a local, independent, eco-friendly business which strives to be the first carbon net-zero, truly sustainable laundry business in the world.